My coffee was looking very artistic this morning. ☕️
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i’ve been a son without a father 
a child without a mother 
a kid without a place to call my home 
but fuck all of you, fuck all of you 
fuck you all i’m gonna make it on my own

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Yung Lean // Карл Маркс
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World view skewed now, thanks to you. You finally fell through off the list of loved few. The bad outweighs the good in every way. Fuel the fire and rekindle my hate. So easy to hate and so hard to love when liars and thieves hide behind a front. I wasn’t put here to be taken advantage of. Step aside while I call your bluff. Hate has been renewed. Now my world view is skewed. I’ve grown so sick of everything that’s placed in front of me. A way the world’s not meant to be seen. And yet disgust resides in my world view every time. Your life and mine: two different worlds. We collide.

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Anonymous said: Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

story of my life

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